Not just any old RDR Survey

In November 2011 the Panacea community took part in a survey designed to tell Mr. Sants and the FSA what they felt about RDR.

Response to the survey was simply incredible, being completed by over 750 advisers who provided a wealth of feedback.

Importantly, the research did reach the attention of Hector Sants and Martin Wheatley as it highlighted the woeful fact that the FSA had not thought at all about RDR awareness creation and who should do it.

Twelve months on, we are getting very mixed messages about the considerable challenges and opportunities posed by RDR?

  • Will your business be ready?
  • Will you be ready?
  • Are your clients ready?
  • What support do you need?
  • What message do you want to send to the FSA?

As a result, we are conducting further research, in collaboration with our partner Market Research Agency GfK, to enable us to better understand current trends and attitudes.

The survey will be running from 14th November to the 28rd November. Unlike some recent formal RDR surveys, we are doing this as we really want to help you and most certainly not catch you out!

Importantly, the results will then be shared with you to allow comparison of your experiences with your peers, something that does not often happen.

Please let your industry colleagues know about this survey too. Ten minutes of your time will be, we are sure, very well spent and the results no doubt enlightening for what will be a very interesting year ahead.

Thank you for your assistance, to complete this survey, which we really hope you do, simply click this link

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