Today’s Paraplanner is?


Like salt and pepper, lock and key and Homer & Marge, some things in life are just meant to be together. RDR has expedited the already expanding nature of the Paraplanner’s role.

The RDR’s new regulations require increased adviser accountability, research and documentary evidence behind the advice process. The resulting benefit of time saved by working with an outsourced paraplanning firm is making paraplanners a ‘must have’ for the many smaller adviser firms who want to maximize their earning possibilities.

Owen James working on behalf of J.P. Morgan Asset Management and Invesco Perpetual has produced some excellent research on paraplanners that has enabled a better understanding of their businesses, age demographic and how they work.

Did you know for example that:

  • some 37% of those surveyed influence more than £100m of funds under management
  • some 50% have never met the client
  • that the top 3 most important influencers when selecting funds or outsourced solutions was performance, costs/charges and risk profile

Paraplanners also were keen to see a centralised place to access information on a weekly basis and this has been a key driver toward Panacea Adviser creating a place in the community for them to call home and importantly access timely, relevant, accurate and trusted information from over 70,000 pages on our site.

And importantly for our adviser members, they can now get a better idea of what paraplanners can do for them and to make contact very easily with many of the leading outsource firms via our new Paraplanning zone.


Download the report now for free and let us know your experiences too.



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