Segmentation matters. Fewer advisers than expected will only focus on most profitable clients.

Initial results in from our latest RDR survey reveal a lot has changed to adviser business plans in the last 6 months.

Fewer intermediaries now claim they will focus only on their most profitable clients.  At the same time the proportion of IFAs who have segmented their client base, in order to target differentiated services based on affordability, has increased nearly two-fold since November 2012.

Some interesting snippets so far suggest that:

  • 72% have completed or are in the process of segmenting their client base
  • 13% agree they will focus only on their most profitable clients (down from 23%)

For those of you who haven’t already taken part, please complete this important industry survey, in return we will provide you with a digest report of the results, which will let you know how other IFAs are changing their businesses post-RDR.

Please be patient, persevere, the end result will be worthwhile.

Click this link to access the survey.

Your help is both vital and appreciated.



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