Simplification – we practice what we preach

Walk the talk

Here are Panacea Adviser HQ we are always looking at how we can improve the experience of our users and to get more from the huge amount of resource that is available via the Panacea website.  Consequently we are delighted to bring you our latest incarnation of the site, with some significant upgrades that we hope will help you with your day-to-day business.

Tailored for you

The focus of the site update has been on making it much more tailored to your requirements, so you can use your own ‘Preference Centre’ to customise the information you wish to see on the home page as well as through the twice-weekly Bento bulletins.

The home page news feed will show everything new that is added to the site, so you won’t miss any useful information, forthcoming events and development materials that may be of use to you.

See at a glance any new content that has been added

Panacea is all about communication and community, so any comments added to the site will ensure this content is ‘bounced’ back up the news feed meaning the focus is always on up-to-date interaction. And, all users are easily able to add their own comments to news, blogs and feature articles.

Four areas to aid your business

We have also simplified the site navigation essentially splitting content into four main areas and housing all existing content under those headings.

This means advisers and paraplanners will be able to easily access the wealth of support and resources.

Tools & resources – an area where information about financial services products can be found all in one place.

Panacea Academy – a centralised area where you can get learning support and assistance with your CPD requirements.

Industry events – where advisers and paraplanners can view both forthcoming events, plus an array of webcasts & webinars from Panacea and Partners alike.

The all new Better Business zone – which contains support-related information and materials to help the community more effectively run their businesses, including business development, marketing, social media, guides & white papers, and assistance with finding a paraplanner.

Additionally, there has also been a significant amount of new information and resources placed in the Mortgage Zone dedicated to those advisers active in the mortgage sector.

Ease of navigation and getting the right information for you has been at the heart of this project. We hope you like what you see!


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