Virtual meets Robo Retirement Choices 2015 a virtual event

Pensions Freedom has brought a wealth of new ideas and opportunities for those clients either planning for or at-retirement. Indeed, the full impact of what this means has not yet had the chance to properly sink in – and for many in our industry, there are a lot of conversations on the subject that they still want to have.

With this in mind Panacea Adviser are delighted to bring you the first FREE UK virtual event for financial advisers and paraplanners:

Retirement Choices 2015 – a virtual conference 3rd December 2015

 A virtual trade show is a cross between a webcast meeting and a video game. And it’s the next big trend in trade shows. Although a mere 1% of all trade shows are now held online, industry experts expect that by 2016, more than 25% of trade shows will be conducted in virtual environments. That’s a market you can’t afford to ignore.

Susan A. Friedmann, CSP 

Retirement Choices 2015 will bring together many big names from the pensions and fund management industries. FREE for advisers and paraplanners, the conference will offer a range of seminars, demonstrations, an exhibition and the opportunity to network with a wide range of industry people.

The big difference with this event is that adviser delegates can attend from the comfort of ‘your’ desktop Our event will replicate real-life dynamics and people can walk, talk, chat, exchange business cards, teleport and visit booths as avatars. You can attend learning sessions, watch keynotes in dedicated auditoriums and get CPD hours, all at a time to suit you.

It is both a “personal-to-many”, as well as a “many-to-many” technology, it enhances peer-to-peer interaction providing a pure social business experience.

Benefits of attending

  • Thanks to the 3D immersive technology, it is extremely easy to use.
  • It is engaging as a social network.  Everyone has a nametag that is visible to the other, so it is easy to engage in conversations with those you are interested in getting to know.
  • Getting more done in less time is crucial. With no travel and immediate online access, you can maximise your time. No travel means no traffic jams, flights, or weather constraints.
  • It is barrier-free technology, so anyone can attend irrespective of where you live.
  • Many of the learning sessions will be CPD accredited.
  • It accommodates your schedule so you can easily attend other important meetings in person and go back to the event later.
  • All the information you collect such as business cards, and conversations can be collected and downloaded so any follow-up is easy!

Still unsure of how it works? Watch a short demo here.

How to register

For more information and to easily register, just go to and simply click on the Facebook, Linkedin or Google+  icon and ‘Bob’s your uncle’. If not connected with any of these social media channels, simply type in your name, email address and follow the few prompts that follow.

The information these actions initiate will then go to forming your virtual business card on the day, something that you will soon understand is vital to the getting the best out of this fantastical, immersive experience.


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