The Donald’s Got Yer Troosers

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4 May 2016

The Donald’s Got Yer Troosers

I was in Florida in late January and early February this year, viewing with a certain fresh air of incredulity, the first of the ‘caucuses’ and primaries in what has proved to be a very unpleasant opening act for the November US presidential elections.

With news of the latest primary ‘outcomes’ for the ‘Donald’ and ‘Wicked Witch of the West Wing’ it is starting to look like matters electoral can only get more toxic in the remaining six months of the campaign.

What has really amazed me is that the many Americans with whom I had numerous discussions with on the subject of the ‘Donald’ just could not see what was so blatantly obvious to an outsider from the UK with memories still clear of UKIP’s cash poor traction during the 2015 UK election.

My view was that ’the Donald’ would take the nomination with ease and that he will go on to be the next President in a two horse race, Republican v Democrat. Their view, without exception, was that would never happen, and that view has been reflected this side of the pond by certain sections of the media…..until now.

It is worth noting that in the UK multi horse 2015 election race, the Tories got 11.3m votes and with it 329 seats. UKIP got one seat for 3.9m votes yet UKIP would have got 112 seats if they were winning constituencies at the same vote rate as the Tories.

‘The Donald’ is, to borrow a little from Andy Stewarts song “quite big” (at 6’2’) and definitely not “awful shy”.

The USA establishment politico-elite of left and right, rather like here in the UK, do not like maverick politicians, by that I mean those that can say the seemingly un-say-able enough times that it starts to blast it’s way through the fog of political correctness that has been created over many decades by the numerous, varied and powerful minority interest groups.

I think we have a few powerful minority interest groups of our own here in the UK, shouting loudly or proudly for matters social, diverse, religious, sexual, ethnic and of course the latest super-cause of gender.

It is said that the ‘Donald’ is a bully by his opponents on both side of the political divide.

Well some staff feedback I had following a short stay at the Trump Turnberry last year paints a very different story.

This very old, iconic hotel along with the famous ‘Ailsa course’ was acquired by ‘the Donald’ in 2014 and is being ‘Trumped up’ at a cost of some £200m, the unveiling of this massive spend is expected to be in June this year.

The staff at the hotel, many who have been there for years, tell of a very different man.

Their first observations were that he did not drink, had no security nearby, did not seem to sleep very much, made a point of getting to know every member of staff by name and role, making clear what he expected from them, asked them what they would like to do to make the ‘Turnberry’ great again and made sure that no staff fuss at all was made of him or preference made over the paying guests.

In other words, he showed a human side and above all that he cared about them as well as the hotel.

So the thing with the bully is not all that it may first appear.

But in the USA, if he is seen as a bully, it is ticking all the right boxes with the voters who he is attracting. Many have a strong ‘blue collar’ background, the very antithesis of the intellectual left and the entitled right and if he is a bully, the bully is on their side.

They say that when America sneezes, we get a cold. Well, when the ‘Donald’ gets sworn in, the UK political elite had better get the ‘Night nurse’ in, a flu jab and a big box of tissues.

All will be needed to ensure that vast slices of humble pie can be swallowed, especially by the UK parliament (who had a vote to try and ban him from visiting the UK) the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews who decided that Turnberry would be on the host roster of ‘the Open’. Oh and let’s not forget that oh so influential ‘being offended on the part of someone else’ lobby that has grown so greatly in the UK in recent years.

That cold will turn to political pneumonia that will see the death of the establishment, career politician with no life experience who says everything and does nothing while happily spending everyone else’s money replacing it with the rise of a new order where common sense, a restoration of values and straight talking becomes the order of the day.

Just a thought!


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