We don’t need no stinking badges. Oh yes you do, now

Panacea comment for Financial Advisers and Paraplanners

23 May 2019

We don’t need no stinking badges. Oh yes you do, now

CMC’s are about to have some insights into what regulatory reality should be about.

The word from ‘Endeavour Square is that “We will be out, and we are starting to think which firms we’re going to visit in the next days and weeks.”.

Many will be aware of all the work done since July 2012 with the MoJ’s Kevin Roussell by Alan Lakey and I to root out this scourge. Sadly for Kevin he died just before his work went live.

To assist the FCA with their thinking we have set up a ‘whistle-blower’ form so that the hundreds of advisers who have been on the receiving end of some appalling behaviour can assist the FCA in the search for ‘bad actors’ as they transition from regulatory fantasy to regulatory reality.

In particular we will expect them to look at those firms where there is a consistency of badness. If any of you have taken them to court to recover costs do note this.

The form is short, but we would expect you to give some comments that can cite specific case names and dates. We would appreciate your name, but this will be redacted from the submission to the FCA.

You only need to complete the fields with * next to them but it would help us if you include your personal details should we have any queries. Please be assured that your submission will be kept confidential and we will not share your contact details with anyone in relation to this matter.

PPI Claims Management Company*
PPI CMC Web Address*:

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